Download Zapya App in Android (Zapya Review)

With the advent of smartphones, there has been a revolution in the software, as well as the hardware technology. The technology seems to be improving on a daily basis while sharing a photo with your friend but here by downloading Zapya app for android you can experience the fastest file sharing speed. Therefore, we constantly see much faster, sleeker and more efficient devices and software technologies. While these better devices and softwares ease our lives a little more, they also create problems in many tasks we do. One of those many tasks is sharing a file or media.

A video of one minute can range from sixty MBs (megabytes) to an exceptional three hundred and seventy MBs, thanks to those HD and 4K videos. Technology may have improved the video quality, it also has inflated its size. And the Bluetooth which is used by smartphones to share these files, to our surprise, has not improved much over these years. Which means, sharing such large files demands for better file sharing methods. If you’d ask me, I’d say, download Zapya app in android. Why? Because it’s the best out there. See our complete Zapya review below to find out how.

Download Zapya for Android

Zapya App Review

If you want to download Zapya app in android, you can either look it up google play store or install it through its APK. Zapya is one of those softwares which offer a peer-to-peer network for data sharing. This network allows for direct transfer of files, without needing another server, which provides better transfer speeds. But when you try Zapya, better is just not the appropriate word for it. Because it provides data transfer rates up to a whopping five MBs (megabytes) per second, it is the best. That is a substantial five thousand kilobyte speed per second.

If you wondered what an app is reviewed on the basis of how well it does a task, you’re wrong. An app is reviewed on the basis of many factors such as its UI (User Interface), supports, and features, and we have reviewed it all.

User Interface

Zapya offers an interactive user-interface. The user does not need to exhaust himself in finding out what all the features do and how to perform those features. User-interface automatically tells out the steps on how to connect, select, send or receive your data. Another quality of this interface is it is as simple as it gets. The interface does not complicate you between options, the better option stands out among all.

File Support

Zapya app supports multiple file types and formats, be it a video, document, photo or an audio file. The app is literally versatile in supporting many formats. Unlike other applications, Zapya does not limit you in sharing. Instead, you can send or receive as much data and files as you like, and all this without any limitations.


Zapya allows for the transfer of files without any Bluetooth or internet connection. You don’t even need your cellular connection. There are a ton of options when sharing data over the internet. But, most of them don’t allow sharing of large files. Besides, if you are using cellular data, it will delete all of your internet MBs. Zapya is the solution to all these issues. No need to think about those data expenses.

Group Connectivity

Many of Zapya’s features are integrated into and replicated by other apps in one way or another. But, group connectivity is Zapya’s unique feature. Zapya allows a group of up to five people to receive and share files. The only perk, each member needs to be on the same wireless network.

If you download Zapya app in Android, you may find more features than its iOS counterpart. But they are equally necessary for any decent and average smartphone owner.

Download Zapya for Android