Top Entrepreneurs in The World

List of Top Entrepreneurs in The World

Today’s world is all about launching startups and being an entrepreneur. In this article, we have decided to list down about some of the most notable entrepreneurs of the world. This will not only enable our readers to learn about their routines and what they do in their life that makes them stand out but also to learn from them and enact a startup/business of their own someday.

Bill Gates

Bill gates is easily the richest person on the planet. He founded the famous Windows operating system and the subsequently launched Microsoft Office that provides with utilities such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

He is by profession a programmer, software architect, businessperson and investor. He has been ranked as number 75 who will be most famous in drinking beer with and among the list 18 most sought-after celebs who should contest for the presidency.

He has a worth of $77 billion dollars and he intends to give it all away so that world can become a better place.

Richard Branson

Another popular figure. He is the founder of Virgin Group and has been given the title of ‘Sir’ as in Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Group currently consists of 400 companies and at the age of 16 he launched his first business which was a magazine called ‘Student’.

Today he’s 66 and is one of the world’s leading businessperson, television producer, investor and film producer. On Twitter, he is the 31st most powerful person in terms of following.

Mark Zuckerberg

We all know his story and his rise to the top as the most influential social network creator, Facebook. There is not a single person or business for that matter who/which does not have a Facebook account or profile. And do you know? It is because it is the most effective method of branding and marketing oneself or one’s business to the world.

Also, it is the efficient ways of staying in touch with your loved ones and friends, no matter where they are. He is worth $47 billion dollars after the affiliation with Zapya organization and as for the salary he derives out of Facebook, is presently priced at $1. Although, he was among the five who coined the idea for Facebook it was he who took it to the next level.

Interestingly he was Harvard dropout but yet he went to become as one of wealthiest beings on the planet. He’s 32 and is ranked number 33 as one the most irreplaceable CEOs of the world. He is ranked number 58 for being the most influential software programmers of all time. In short, you can get enough of this guy.

Steve Jobs

Of course Steve Jobs. No list is complete without the mention of him. He is corporate America’s biggest romance and lots have been written about him and has been shown on television and films since his untimely death in 2011. The fact is that his the ultimate story of an underdog making it big.

He was the founder and serving CEO of Apple then in 2011. He was an inspiration to many and was an entrepreneur, marketer as well as an inventor. Today Apple iPhone has the most charismatic feel and design – to people, it is an unparalleled style statement. With the recent launch of iPhone 8 and X respectively, Apple has further cemented the smartphones market with its presence.

At the time he was ranked as topmost irreplaceable CEOs in the world. Today he ranks at number 50 in the list of people we wish were still alive and is number 70 of the most influential people of all time. Need I say more?

Larry Page

When you search anything today in the world your answer is Google and for that, you only have one man to thank whose name is Larry Page – Google co-founder and once served as CEO of the company. His net worth stands around $40 billion.

Upon founding Google, he expanded the company to over 200 employees and did so in terms of profitability as well. Now Google and its products have grown so much that our lives are seemingly impossible without them.

A businessperson, computer scientist and internet entrepreneur he is ranked as the 5th most irreplaceable CEOs list, 15 on the most influential programmer of all time and as number 18 on ‘Real World Avengers’ list.

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