How to Download Zapya for iOS and Mac

iOS is the operating system for Apple’s premium handsets and tablets, the iPhones, iPods and the iPads. It has been regarded as the most secure OS (Operating System) out there for smartphones. iOS has many advantages over other mobile operating systems. It is pretty fast when compared to its arch-rival, Google’s Android operating system and is more efficient. It does a pretty decent job in executing everyday tasks, and users experience a more seamless experience on iOS than on an Android smartphone. The speed is not the only feature on which an Operating System is tested; rather there are many features which contribute to defining the best Operating System and iOS excels in most of them.

Zapya – a Data Moving Software

Zapya is a popular file and media transfer application for iOS, Android and Windows PC and Windows Phone operating system. It provides a simple but efficient and way faster way to transfer files than through the internet and the cellular data, saving you a lot of time and hustle. The most eminent quality of this app is it does not require wifi connections or mobile bluetooths/airdrop for sharing. Instead, one of the two phones who have Zapya installed establishes a hotspot network, and the other connects to it. Zapya has been reported to be providing faster transfer speeds than NFC (Near Field Communication), a file transfer way found in many Android phones or even airdrop, Apple’s data transfer standard.

How to Download Zapya for iOS

While Android provides many ways to install an app into its operating system, iOS gives its users relatively fewer options. Where this makes the Apple’s mobile operating system less flexible, it also makes it more stable and secure. Well, there are still some ways for downloading apps into the iOS operating system, which are variations of the basic way. Let us explain each one of them.

If you are looking up ‘how to download Zapya for iOS,’ look no further. The built-in ‘app store’ app in iOS by Apple is the source of all the apps for the iPhone, iPod and iPad users. The best way to download Zapya for iOS is by searching through the ‘app store’ itself. First, look up the app store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Open the app, search for Zapya in the search bar. The Official Zapya app should be among the top results. Click the ‘get’ icon. There will be a pop-up for confirming the download. You may need to put your password or Touch-ID to confirm. And voila, your Zapya app starts downloading. After some time (according to your internet connection’s speed), the app will be available and ready for you to use.

The Zapya app is top-rated. Which makes it very easy to find, but also tricky as some developers make use of an app’s prominence and make their apps with similar names, logos, and interface. As a result, on a search for that app, the fake apps get to the top results. To save yourself from this confusion, a more apt and safer way can be opted for downloading the Zapya app. Open safari, which is the built-in browser for iOS by Apple, open the Official Zapya software ( website and choose the option “iOS.” It will redirect to the app store for the Zapya iOS app. Here’s the link for the Zapya app on the app store This way, you will be sure that you are downloading the official app.

So, this was our guide on how to download Zapya for iOS. While airdrop is the tool for data sharing between iOS devices, Zapya for iOS is a powerful and reliable app for sharing data among iOS and non-iOS devices with prominent speeds.