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Upcoming Digital Trends of 2018

Trends keep changing and evolving and there is nothing different about digital marketing trends. With every passing day, these trends take a turn for fresh and innovative ideas. What are they? In this article, we seek to explain the emerging trends like I have shared a file sharing app review before. Bear with us till the end.

Ad blockers

ad blockers

Ad blockers have become quite common with users. No one like the pop-up ads interfering in their browsing experience and hence, people have installed ad blockers. With pop up, ads people either leave the website or they think that website is a suspicious one.

But from a perspective of a digital marketer, it is a bad thing. If your ads are not getting viewed or clicked upon how are you to measure your CTR or ratio. Therefore, the trend of ad blockers is going to continue to flourish. Google, at some point in time, placed a ban on blockers but the revolution doesn’t seem to anytime soon.

Ads can be annoying and often times are of something which is either of no value to the user or displays inappropriate content. Therefore, ad blockers will be preying on ads and there is nothing you can do to alter it, for now at least.

Digital Assistants

Digital Assistants

Siri and Cortana are prime examples of digital assistants. Siri in iPhone devices and Cortana in Windows 10 have completely changed the way we used to search the web or your desktop or anything on our phones. You only need to speak and these assistants will bring you the most desirable results.

Several years back it could not have been possible and would have always been attributed to the sci-fi films of the time or scene from one of those movies. But today, it is as real as the next person sitting beside you. People and digital marketers are capitalizing on their use to maximize searches and business prospects, respectively.

Digital Directors

Also known as social media marketers, the trend of their hiring is on the rise. Every online brand is in need of a social media marketing campaign that will boost their business activity both by way ranking in search results higher and also in terms of suitable content.

Since the social media is an integral part of our lives leads and conversion through them are of immense value. Social media marketers position your brand through these channels to bring you desired outcomes. Digital directors report to either marketing managers or senior product managers and their importance cannot be ignored.



Emails have not become obsolete as many would like to believe. The trend is still alive and kicking. Now even more due to the habit of emailing via mobile devices instead of traditional PC. Hence, marketers are going to continue to send you emails updating you of their offerings and any major announcements. Moreover to stay in touch with you.

From a digital marketer’s perspective, email has and will always remain an effective tool to reach masses. Getting to sign up for newsletters is a great way to build an email list of subscribers. You can then deliver users with information on products, company, rivals, new developments and so on. Too many emails can land directly in spam so exercise cares with the frequency of emails.

In-house Freelancers

The term can be misleading for some because freelancers are the people who work from the comforts of their home and at their own pace. So how can someone be an in-house freelancer? Good question. The good answer to this is that employees from an agency work for a company on a part-time basis or a freelancer but while being on the premises. The definition is changing and so has the business model. It has become more of a hybrid.

In-house, freelancers are those individuals as well who get to work from home but are contractually bound for a certain period of time with the company they are providing services for. Moreover, since freelancers work for a variety of clients at any one point time, this new breed of freelancers will be exclusively be working for that company. That’s digital marketing for you.

Digital marketing revolves around search engines which are made up of organic searches and paid search results. Google AdWords present you with paid search results when you search for anything remotely close to that keyword or phrase. SEO and PPC race is on and not slowing down for sure.

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